Recent Graduate Alumni

Graduate Alumni Placement


Megan Rogers ('17)

Dissertation: "Faiths and Fortune: Religion among the Professional Middle Cleass in Urban China"

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Global Religion Research Initiative, Notre Dame, (2017 - Present)



Pete Barwis

Pete Barwis ('16)

Dissertation: "Power and Mobilization: The Problem of All-Volunteer Force Enlistment"

Senior Data Scientist, (2016 - Present)
Capture Higher Ed.


Cole Carnesecca

Cole Carnesecca ('16)

Dissertation: "Fate of the Gods:  State Formation and the Emergence of Religious Modernity in China and Japan."

Assistant Professor (2016 - Present)
Zhejiang University, China


Bryant Crubaugh ('16) 

Bryant Crubaugh

Dissertation: "Not all Civic Action is Equal: How Place-Based and Identity-Based Civic Associations Differentially Impact Neighborhoods and Cities"

Assistant Professor of Sociology, (2016 - Present)
Pepperdine University

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Amy Jonason ('16)

Dissertation: "Growing the Good Food Revolution: Strategies of Sustainable Community in Two Altruistic Civic Projects"

Assistant Professor, (2016 - Present)
Furman University



Peter Mundey ('15)

Dissertation: “American Christianity & Consumerism: Understanding the Relationship Between Christian Economic Culture and Secular Consumer Culture.”

Affiliated Faculty (2014 - Present)
Calvin College

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Bradley Vermurlen ('15)


Dissertation: "Reformed Resurgence: A Field-Theoretic Analysis of Religious Strength (and Weakness) in Advanced Modernity"

Director of Social Research (2015 - Present)
Docent Research Group


Meredith Whitnah

Meredith Whitnah ('14)

Dissertation: "Faith and the Fragility of Justice."

Assistant Professor of Sociology (2015 - Present) 
Westmont College

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Justin Farrell

Justin Farrell ('14)

Dissertation: "The Moral Meaning of Environmental Conflicts over Yellowstone."

Assistant Professor (2014 - Present)
Yale University


Brandon R

Brandon R. Vaidyanathan ('14)

Dissertation: "Living in a Secular Age: Work, Lifestyle, and Religion in Bangalore and Dubai."

Director of Research, H.E. Butt Family Foundation

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Chris Morrissey ('12)

Dissertation: "War, Peace, and Religious Advocacy: the Debate Over the Iraq War."

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology (2014 - Present)
George Fox University

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Karen Monique Gregg

Karen Monique Gregg ('12)

Dissertation: "The Safe and Sacred Pajama Party:  Social Processes in a Religious Youth Ministry for High School Adolescents."

Visiting Assistant Professor
Montana State University

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Recent Publication:
"Generating Trust in Congregations: Engagement, Exchange, and Social Networks." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53, no. 1 (2014)

Patricia Snell Herzog

Patricia Snell Herzog ('11)

Dissertation: "People in Context: Perceptions of Social Dissonance and Community Involvement."

Assistant Professor (2013 - Present)
University of Arkansas

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Bob Brenneman

Bob Brenneman ('09)

Dissertation: “From Homie to Hermano: Conversion and Gang Exit in Central America."

Assistant Professor of Sociology (2010 - Present)
St. Michael’s College

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Jon Hill

Jon Hill ('09)

Dissertation: "Religious Pathways During the Transition to Adulthood: A Life Course Approach."

Assistant Professor (2009 - Present)
Calvin College

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