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Recently Published Books

The Happiness Effect

The Happiness Effect: How Social Media is Driving a Generation to Appear Perfect at Any Cost

February 2017

By Donna Freitas

Social media has become the dominant force in young people's lives, leading many to lament that young people share their each and every thought with the entire world. In The Happiness Effect, Donna Freitas argues that this isn't the case and that the idea of young adults being self-obsessed distracts from the real issues they are facing. Drawing on a large-scale survey and interviews with students on thirteen college campuses, Freitas finds that young people are overwhelmingly concerned with happiness and the pressure to look perfect online and, unable to achieve this impossible standard, they are anxious about letting the less-than-perfect parts of themselves become public. Even the most well-adjusted individuals can be stricken by self-doubt when they compare their experiences with the vast collective utopia they see online.


Polarization in the US Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal

August 2016

Edited by Mary Ellen Konieczny, Charles C. Camosy, and Tricia C. Bruce

It's no secret: the body of Christ in the United States is broken. While universality--and unity amid diversity--is a fundamental characteristic of Roman Catholicism, all-too-familiar issues related to gender, sexuality, race, and authority have rent the church. Healthy debates, characteristic of a living tradition, suffer instead from an absence of genuine engagement and dialogue. But there is still much that binds American Catholics. In naming the wounds and exploring their social and religious underpinnings, Polarization in the US Catholic Church underscores how shared beliefs and aspirations can heal deep fissures and the hurts they have caused. Cutting across disciplinary and political lines, this volume brings essential commentary in the direction of reclaimed universality among American Catholics.

Americangenerosity Cover 1

American Generosity: Who Gives and Why

March 2016

By Patricia Snell Herzog and Heather Price

American charitable giving veers from the hyperbolically generous to the hyberbolically stingy. On some days, no one has a quarter to spare; in times of disaster, Americans will put their lives on hold to build houses for those displaced by hurricanes. The crucial question of who gives and why they do it lies at the heart of American Generosity.

Patricia Snell Herzog and Heather E. Price, sociologists who focus on philanthropy, draw on findings from the groundbreaking Science of Generosity initiative, which combines a nationally representative survey of adult Americans with in-depth interviews and case studies. For most Americans, they find, the important forms of giving are: donating money, volunteering time, and taking political action. Focusing on these three types of activity, the authors go on to examine and analyze multiple dimensions of resources, social status, regional cultural norms, different approaches to giving, social-psychological orientation, and the relational contexts of generosity. The book offers not just analysis, but practical tips for readers who want to increase their own giving, for parents modeling giving behavior to their children, spouses desiring alignment in their giving, and friends and community members seeking to support giving by others.


Recent Faculty Fellow Relevant Publications


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Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

Kevin Christiano. 2019. “De l'évaluation des modernités: De la "pré-" à la "post" et à l'ultramodernité» ["On Evaluating Modernities: From 'Pre-' to 'Post-' to 'Ultramodernity'"], a chapter in French for a collective volume, Retour sur l'ultramodernité chez Jean-Paul Willaime: Sociologie des religions et sociologie historique des sociétés contemporaines [Reflections on Jean-Paul Willaime's Ultramodernity: The Sociology of Religions and the Historical Sociology of Contemporary Societies], edited by É.-Martin Meunier and Pascal Blaise Beboua.

Kevin Christiano. 2019. "Studying the Religions of Québec: Description or Distortion from an American Angle?" Chapter in Étudier la religion au Québec: Regards d'ici et d'ailleurs [Studying Religion in Québec: Perspectives from Here and from Elsewhere], edited by Jean-François Laniel, David Koussens, and Catherine Foisy. Québec, Qué.: Les Presses de l'Université du Québec,2019; Rennes, France: Les Presses universitaires de Rennes.

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Book Reviews

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