Kraig Beyerlein - Director

Kraig Beyerlein Small

Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame; Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Society; Director of Graduate Studies.

Interests: Religion, Civic Engagement, Social Movements, U.S.-Mexico Border

Kevin Christiano

Headshot of Kevin Christiano.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Interests: American and Canadian Religion, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Canadian Politics

Atalia Omer

Headshot of Atalia Omer.

Associate Professor of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Studies

Interests: Religion, Nationalism, Citizenship, Peacebuilding, Justice, Multiculturalism, Ethnoreligious National Conflicts

David Sikkink

David Sikkink Small

Associate Professor of Sociology
Principal Investigator for the Cardus Religious Schools Initiative

Interests: Religion, Education, Civic Engagement

Christian Smith

Headshot of Christian Smith.

William R. Kenan Professor of Sociology
Principal Investigator for the Global Religion Research Initiative

Interests: Religion in Modernity, Adolescents, Evangelicalism, Culture

Jason Springs

Headshot of Jason Springs.

Associate Professor of Religion, Ethics, and Peace Studies

Interests: Religious Pluralism, Secularization in Europe and North America, Multiculturalism, Postliberal Theology, Human Rights and Restorative Justice, Contemporary Pragmatism

Erika Summers-Effler

Headshot of Erika Summers Effler.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Social Movements, Ethnography, Qualitatitave Methods

Thomas Tweed

Headshot of Thomas Tweed.

Professor, Harold and Martha Welch Endowed Chair in American Studies


Peter Ryan

Headshot of Peter Ryan.

Associate Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Society