Visiting Faculty and Scholars

Eman Abdelhadi

Eman Abdelhadi Small

Eman Abdelhadi is a mixed-methods scholar studying gender, migration, and religion, with a substantive interest in Muslim Americans. Her qualitative work examines the interplay between community and identity among Muslim migrants, and her quantitative work uses survey data analysis to ascertain how religion intersects with economic and cultural outcomes. Abdelhadi received her PhD in Sociology from New York University in 2019, and she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago.

Shaonta’ Allen

Shaonta’ Allen's head shot.

Shaonta’ Allen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth College where she also holds affiliations with the African and African American Studies Department and the Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality. Her scholarship draws on Race, Social Movements, Religion, and Intersectionality literatures to explore Black political ideologies and behaviors, assessing how they vary across social locations and institutional contexts. Shay's current projects explore the experiences of Black Christian Millennials during Black Lives Matter and the religious politics of Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Her research and reviews have been published in Sociology Compass, Humanity & Society, and Religions. Visit to learn more.

Roger Baumann

Headshot of Roger Baumann.

Roger Baumann is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Hope College. His research and teaching focus on race, religion, and global political solidarities.

Janna Hunter-Bowman

Janna Hunterbowman Small

Janna L. Hunter-Bowman is Associate Professor of Peace Studies and Christian Social Ethics and Director of Peace Studies at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, In. Her first book Witnessing Peace: Becoming Agents Under Duress in Colombia (Routledge 2022) is rooted in 10 years of peacebuilding and research in Latin America. Additional publications include essays in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, Political Theology, the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, and Mennonite Quarterly Review. Her research and teaching interests occur at the intersection of international peace studies, peace theology, political theology, action research, ethnographically driven theology, and Latin American critical studies. Her second book-length project focuses on undocumented immigrants in the United States as agents under duress. Louisville Institute’s Sabbatical Grant for Researchers supports this project titled “Beyond sanctuary: new orientations for church support of immigrants.” She received her PhD from the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame.

Khari Brown

Khari Brown Small

Dr. R. Khari Brown is a sociology professor at Wayne State University. He teaches classes and does research on the sociology of religion. His research explores how race impacts the relationship between religion and social-political behaviors and attitudes. He is a co-investigator of National Politics Study, a project funded by the Louisville Institute, the Issachar Fund, and the University of Michigan. The National Politics Study is a bi-annual study that assesses American political attitudes and behaviors and religious life. He also was the 2021/2022 President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Tricia Bruce

Tricia Bruce Headshot

Tricia C. Bruce (PhD, University of California Santa Barbara) is a sociologist of religion who researches Catholicism and the contours of organizational and attitudinal change. Her award-winning books and reports include Parish and PlaceFaithful RevolutionAmerican ParishesPolarization in the US Catholic Church; and How Americans Understand Abortion (cited in the Washington Post, Atlantic, Commonweal, and more). Her writing has appeared in The Wall Street JournalTime MagazineScience AdvancesReview of Religious ResearchU.S. Catholic Historian, and elsewhere. Dr. Bruce serves as Chair of the American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Religion Section and council member for the Association for the Sociology of Religion. Personal website:

Katie Comeau

Katie Comeau Small

Research Interests: Religion, Organizations, Development, Theory

Shanna Corner

Headshot of Shanna Corner.

Research Interests:  Global and transnational sociology, cultural sociology, political culture, human rights, law and society, gender, religion, intergovernmental organizations, comparative-historical sociology 

Michael Emerson

Headshot of Michael Emerson.

Research Interests: Race and Ethnic Relations, Religion, Urban, and Methods

Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost Small

Jacqui Frost is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Purdue University. She is a mixed-methods scholar whose research integrates cultural sociology, sociology of religion, science and technology studies, and sociology of health. Most broadly, her work investigates the causes and consequences of religious disaffiliation in the United States. She is currently working on projects that examine conceptions of ritual and community in nonreligious congregations, the ways religious change shapes health and wellbeing, and conceptions of science as sacred in the transhumanist movement. Her recent research has been published in American Sociological ReviewSocial ForcesPoetics, and Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. You can learn more about Jacqui's research at  

Donna Freitas

Headshot of Donna Freitas.

Interests:  Religion, Spirituality, Young Adults, Hookup Culture, Social Media, The Big Questions, and Meaning-Making

Edwin Hernandez

Interests: Latino Religious Experience, Theological Education, Congregational Studies, Evaluation, Education Initiatives

Brie Loskota


Brie Loskota Small


Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt

Ricardo Martinez Schuldt Small

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University. Generally, my research examines how local contexts shape human behavior and institutional actions in the areas of criminology and international migration. My current research, for example, considers the impact of immigrant “sanctuary” policies, immigration, and non-profit organizations on city-level violence as well as their effects on the likelihood that individuals report crime victimization to law enforcement officials.

Bridget Ritz

Headshot of Bridget Ritz.

Interests: Culture, Religion, Science, Pragmatism, Critical Realism, Qualitative Methods

Megan Rogers

Headshot of Megan Rogers.

Interests: Religion, China, culture, social theory, qualitative methods

Jason Klocek


Research Interests: Religion in Conflict, State Counterinsurgency and Repression, and Civil Wars and Political Violence

Roberta Ricucci

Research Interests: Migration in Europe, Second Generation and School Integation, Muslims in Western Societies, Religious Diversity and Pluralism, Multiculturalism

Nathanael Sumaktoyo

Headshot of Nathanael Sumaktoyo.

Research Interests: Religion and Politics, Voting Behavior, Political Psychology, and Social Networks

Michael Skaggs

Headshot of Michael Skaggs.

Research Interests: History of American religion

Michael Wood

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Brigham Young University