The director, affiliated faculty, visiting scholarsgraduate students and undergraduate students of the Center research a variety of topics regarding the sociology of religion.


Chris Smith, Director

Dr. Christian Smith

William R. Kenan Professor of Sociology
Principal Investigator for the Science of Generosity Initiative

Interests: Religion in Modernity, Adolescents, Evangelicalism, Culture

Affiliated Faculty

Kraig Beyerlein

Dr. Kraig Beyerlein

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Social movements, Civic Engagement, U.S.- Mexico Border                             

Kevin Christiano

Dr. Kevin Christiano

Associate Professor of Sociology

Interests: American and Canadian Religion, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Canadian Politics

Jessica Collett

Dr. Jessica Collett

Associate Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Social Psychology (Group Processes, Identity, Interaction), Methods and Measurement

Edwin Hernandez

Dr. Edwin Hernández

Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of Latino Religion and Research
Director for the DeVos Family Foundations

Interests: Latino Religious Experience, Theological Education, Congregational Studies, Evaluation, Education Initiatives

Donna Freitas

Dr. Donna Freitas

Non - Residential Research Associate

Interests:  Religion, Spirituality, Young Adults, Hookup Culture, Social Media, The Big Questions, and Meaning-Making

Mark Ellen Konieczny

Dr. Mary Ellen Konieczny

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Family Life, American Democracy                                                                            


    Dr. Nicolette Manglos-Weber

     Assistant Research Professor

     Interests: Religion, Immigration, Theory, Morality, Political Sociology, Africa and Diaspora,     and Mixed-Methods

Atalia Omer

Dr. Atalia Omer

Assistant Professor of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Studies

Interests: Religion, Nationalism, Citizenship, Peacebuilding, Justice, Multiculturalism, Ethnoreligious National Conflicts

David Sikkink

Dr. David Sikkink

Associate Professor of Sociology
Principal Investigator for the Cardus Religious Schools Initiative                                                                          

Interests: Religion, Education, Civic Engagement

Jason Springs

Dr. Jason A. Springs

Assistant Professor of Religion, Ethics, and Peace Studies

Interests: Religious Pluralism, Secularization in Europe and North America, Multiculturalism, Postliberal Theology, Human Rights and Restorative Justice, Contemporary Pragmatism

Erika Summers-Effler

Dr. Erika Summers-Effler

Associate Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Social Movements, Ethnography, Qualitatitave Methods

Thomas Tweed

Dr. Thomas Tweed

Professor, Harold and Martha Welch Endowed Chair in American Studies

Andrew Weigert

Dr. Andrew Weigert

Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Social Psychology, Theory, Environment, Modern Identity    

Michael Welch

Dr. Michael Welch

Professor of Sociology

Interests: Religion, Social Trust, Social Capital, Crime                                                                            

Visiting Scholars

Christine J

Dr. Christine J. Gardner

Guest Associate Professor

Interests: Rhetoric of Religion, Gender, Sexuality, Evangelicalism

Ines Jindra

Dr. Ines Jindra

Visiting Scholar

Interests: Religious Conversion, Biographical Trajectories, Qualitative Methods, Poverty, Homelessness and Religion, Non-Profits 

Michael Jindra

Dr. Michael Jindra

Visiting Scholar

Interests: Religion and Popular Culture, Cultural Diversity, Inequality, Religious and Cultural Change in Africa


Sara Skiles

Sara Skiles

Project Manager and Researcher, Cardus Project

Interests: Sociology of Culture, Stratification, Taste and Consumption

Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman

Center Program Coordinator

Clare Macy

Clare Macy

Part-time Senior Staff Assistant

Graduate Students

Jade Avelis -

Cole Carnesseca -



Shanna Corner -

Bryant Crubaugh -

Hilary Davidson -

Daniel Escher -

Kevin Estep -

Karen Hooge Michalka -

Stefanie Israel -


Linda Kawentel -

Hyunjin Kwak -


Christopher Quiroz -



Ariana Salazar-Newton -



Lisa Weaver

Brad Vermurlen -

Michael Wood -

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Undergraduate Students

Maura Bailey -

Abigail Bartels -

Prinz Jeremy Dela Cruz -

Antonio Marchi -

Lai Sam -

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