Department Award Archive

David L. Dodge Memorial Teaching Award

The David L. Dodge Memorial Teaching Award, named for a Notre Dame professor in sociology who died in 1988, is conferred annually on the graduate student in our program who has most distinguished himself or herself in the teaching of undergraduates. 

2017:  Julie Dallavis

Past recipients

2014-2015:  Jon Schwarz

2013-2014:  Daniel Escher

2011-2012: Kari Christoffersen

2010-2011: Sara Skiles

2009-2010: Chris Hausmann

2008-2009: Bob Brenneman and Karen Monique Gregg

2007-2008: Brandy Ellison

The John J. Kane Memorial Award

The John J. Kane Memorial Award is presented each year to an outstanding sociology graduate student. 

Past recipients

2014-2015:  Bryant Crubaugh & Daniel Escher

2011-2012: Heather Price

2010-2011: Brandon Vaidynathan 

2009-2010:  Patricia Snell

2008-2009: Bob Brenneman

2007-2008: Nicholas Somma-Gonzalez

2006-2007: Xochitl Bada-Garcia & Jennifer Yonkoski

2005-2006: Brandy Ellison

The Jeanine Becker Award for Graduate Student Papers

The Becker Award is given annually to the current student in the doctoral program who applies and whose paper is judged to best represent the highest quality of sociological scholarship and Notre Dame’s commitment to serving human welfare and justice.

2017:  Shanna Corner, and Justin Van Ness

Past recipients

2014-2015:  Daniel Escher

2011-2012: Justin Farrell

2010-2011: Justin Farrell

2009-2010: Michael Strand

2008-2009: Elizabeth Covay & Guillermo Montt-Armant

2007-2008: Michael Strand

2006-2007: Jonathon Hill