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Calendar of Current CISR Events



Annette Mahoney, Bowling Green State University, "Psychological Research on the Bright and Dark Side of Sacred Love," March 18th.


Amy Adamczyk, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, "Understanding the Roles of Religion and Development in Shaping Cross-National Attitudes about Homosexuality," February 28th.


Andrew Johnson, University of Southern California, "Beyond Coping:  Pentecostalism in Prison in Rio de Janeiro", December 13th.

Susan Crawford Sullivan, College of the Holy Cross, "Living Faith:  Everyday Religion and Mothers in Poverty," November 13th.


Omar McRoberts, University of Chicago, "Black Public Religion & Social Welfare Policy: Key Developments in the New Deal Era," November 16th.

Stephen Monsma, Calvin College "Do We Truly Belive in Diversity? Religious Pluralism and Democratic Freedom," October 26th.

Jon Shields, Claremont College "The Future of the American Culture Wars," April 20.

Loren Lybarger, Ohio University "The Contingency of the Religious Return among Palestinians in Chicago - A Meditation on the Dialectics of Loss and Hope in Exile," March 2.


Rhys Williams, Loyola University "'Church' in Black and White: The Organizational Lives of Young Adults," November 18.

Melissa Wilde, University of Pennsylvania "Fewer but Better Children: Race Suicide, the Social Gospel, and Religious Stances on Birth Control in the U.S. circa 1931," September 30.

Kristin Geraty, North Central College "Organizing Among Privilege: Race, Class and Religion on Chicago's North Shore," April 20. 

Kenneth Wald, University of Florida "The Choosing People: The Puzzling Politics of American Jews," February 8.


"Scenes from a Parish." A film by James Rutenbeck will be hosted by the Center for the Study of Religion & Society in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Panel discussion to follow. The screening is open to the public. Event details: DPAC Browning Cinema, 7pm, December 3

Kathryn Long, Wheaton College "God in the Rain Forest: A Case Study of Religion and Social Change in Amazonian Ecuador," December 3.

Robert Putnam and David Campbell on their new book, entitled Amazing Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us," co-sponsored by the Tocqueville Program for Inquiry into Religion in American Public Life and the Center for the Study of Religion & Society, 7pm, Washington Hall Auditorium, October 13.

Martin Riesebrodt, University of Chicago "Theorizing Religion.," October 8.

Elaine Howard Ecklund, Rice University "Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think," September 17.

Wendy Cadge, Brandeis University "Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine," April 23.

Allen Hertzke, University of Oklahoma "The God Lobby: National Religious Advocacy and Public Policy," March 26.

Geoffrey Layman, University of Maryland "Will Americans Vote for Muslims? Experimenting with the Impact of Religious and Ethnic Identifiers on Candidate Support," February 26.


Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame Saturday Scholars Series “Understanding the Cultural, Religious, and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults,” Annenberg Auditorium, Snite Museum of Art, November 21, .

Keith Meador, Duke University "Religion and Health in a Therapeutic Culture," November 20.

Donna Freitas, Boston University “Getting to the Bottom of Hookup Culture: Investigations into Sex & the Soul on America’s  College Campuses," October 30..

Robert Nauman, University of Colorado Boulder "One Nation, Under God:  Designing American Identity during the Cold War Era," September 17.

Brian Steensland, Indiana University "Does God Love Free Markets? The Rise of Post-War 'Fusionism' in the United States," April 17.

Stephen Warner, University of Illinois, Chicago "Race and Religion in the American Republic," January 23.


Sharon Nepstad, University of New Mexico "The Religious Roots of Resistance in the Plowshares Movement," December 5, .

Tina Fetner, McMaster University "How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism," November 12.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame John Templeton Foundation Grant Writing Seminar, November 7.

John Green, University of Akron "Gauging the God Gap: Why Worship Attendance Matters at the Ballot Box," October 10.

Curtis Evans, University of Chicago Divinity School "The Problem of the 'Black Church," August 29.

Stephen Vaisey, University of California, Berkeley "Fuzzy Set/QCA Seminar," April 18-19.

David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame "Religious Schools and Academic Achievement in Early Childhood," March 28.

Mark Ottoni Wilhelm, Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis "Family Structure and Income During Childhood and Subsequent Prosocial Behavior by Young Adults," January 18.


Michael Lindsay, Rice University "A Vision for the Center: Evangelicals and American Public Life, 1976-2006," November 16.

Mary Ellen Konieczny, University of Chicago "How Catholic Families Gravitate toward Liberal and Conservative Parishes: Discourse and Practices Surrounding Marriage at Two Churches," November 13.

Korie Edwards, Ohio State University "The Face of Race in the Worship Practices of Interracial Churches," October 12.

The Advancement of Knowledge and Religious Identity: Institutions of Higher Learning in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Beyond Description: Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, the Department of History, and the Center for the Study of Religion and Society, October 4-5.

Robert Fishman, University of Notre Dame "Explaining Cross-National Variation in the Evolution of Priestly Vocations: Conclusions from a Collaborative Study," September 25.

Andy Greeley, University of Arizona and National Opinion Research Center It Can't Hurt: A Preliminary Investigation of the Sociological Study of the Correlates of Prayer," September 7.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "Conducting Research on the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers." Event details: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "The Influence of Religious in the Lives of American Teenagers." Event details: John Templeton Fdn. Founders Board Meeting, Nassau, Bahamas,June 20.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "Understanding the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers." Event details: St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Briarcliff Manor, NY, July 17.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "Soul Searching: A Movie About Teenagers and God ," April 18. 

Mark Regnerus, University of Texas at Austin "Types of Religious Influence and the Sexual Behavior of American Adolescents," April 18.

Jennifer Hammer, NYU Press "How to Publish Your First Book," April 16.

David Sikkink and Trish Snell , University of Notre Dame A Workshop on Graduate Student Funding for Conference Activities, March 20.

Charles Taylor, McGill University "Master-Narratives of Secularization," March 1,.

Mark Noll, University of Notre Dame "American Evangelicals and Recent Electoral Politics," February 14.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "Understanding the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers," February 8.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "'Don't Let the Car Fool You. My Treasure is in Heaven': Toward Explaining Financially Ungenerous American Christians," January 19.


Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "God, Religion, Whatever: On Moralistic Therapeutic Deism?" from Soul Searching,December 7.

Dan Olson, Indiana University "Why do smaller religious groups have higher commitment levels?" November 27.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame "Catholic Teenagers: Faith at Risk? Do new findings reveal a time of renewal- or massive generational failure?" Event details: Fordham University Pope Auditorium, New York City, November 2. 

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame Sessions on the findings from the National Study of Youth and Religion data and pre-premier showing of Soul Searching: A Movie about Teenagers and God. Event details: Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Meeting at the Portland Marriot in Portland, Oregon, October 19-22.

Margarita Mooney, Princeton University "Beyond the Sea and the Mountain: Spiritual Capital and Assimilation Theory," October 5.

Jenny Trinitapoli, University of Texas at Austin "Adding a 'D' to the ABCs: Divorce, Religious Leaders, and HIV Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa," October 3.

Amy Burdette, University of Texas at Austin "Religious Involvement, Race, and Adolescent Sexual Behavior," September 26.

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