Past Events

Introductory Workshop on Critical Realism
This pre-conference workshop is offered each year prior to the main IACR conference. It is a means of gaining an initial orientation to critical realism, or refreshing or developing understanding of central topics. 

International Association for Critical Realism 2015 Annual Conference
"Critical Realism: Reimagining Social Science" is the theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting of IACR held at the University of Notre Dame in July 2015.

New Conversations in Science and Religion: What Difference Might Critical Realist Philosophy Make?
This one day-long mini-conference immediately follows the 2015 IACR meeting with the goal of further advancing dialogues between science, religion, philosophy, and theology.

Polarization in the U.S. Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds Beginning to Heal
This 2015 conference features a distinguished panel who address the question: How can we heal the division and reestablish the virtues of solidarity, love, and humility at the heart of the Christian message?

Special Event: Robert Bellah to Lecture at Notre Dame
Robert N. Bellah, distinguished professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley and National Humanities Medal awardee, speaks on his latest research regarding religion and human evolution.

Colloquium on the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion (CISR) Archive
The Colloquium on the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion is a series of lectures grappling with the many contexts religion creates and shapes in the lives of everyday people.

CISR Lecture Video Series
As part of our continuing effors to make the interdisciplinary study of religion a focus of scholarly and popular conversation, we have made our lecture series available online.

Research and Analysis in the Sociology of Religion (RASR) Archive
The RASR workshop engages students with key pieces of literature related to empirical research, measurement, and data analysis in the sociology of religion.

Young Scholars in the Sociology of Religion (YSSR) Archive
These conferences brought together promising young scholars in the sociology of religion from around the country to discuss their work and the larger intellectual issues and directions in the field.