Introductory Workshop on Critical Realism

July 26-27, 2015, University of Notre Dame, IN (USA)
Coordination and Main Speakers: Alan Norrie and Mervyn Hartwig

The pre-conference workshop is offered each year prior to the main IACR conference. It is a means of gaining an initial orientation to critical realism, or refreshing or developing understanding of central topics. The workshop has four main elements: a basic introduction to critical realism as a philosophy of science; the development of critical realism with regard to social science; critical realism in its dialectical form; and critical realism and metaRealism. Each topic takes a half day, and there is space for discussion and interaction. It will be directed by Alan Norrie and Mervyn Hartwig, and is run on an informal, seminar basis.

The registration fee for the workshop is $240.00 USD and includes all meeting materials, refreshment breaks, and meals. Early Registration must be completed prior to May 30. After this date the cost will increase by $40.00 USD. The final deadline for registration is June 27. For those who do not require lodging, the fee is $150.00 USD.

Single residence hall accommodations are available to you from the evening of July 27 to the evening of July 30. Blankets, sheets and towels are provided during your stay. Lavatories and showers are shared in common with separate men's and women's facilities on each floor. Requests for adjoining rooms cannot be guaranteed. 

Preliminary Reading (optional)