Does the Center affiliate with other centers at Notre Dame?

The CSRS affiliates and collaborates with many other Centers and departments on campus. The Colloquium on the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion brings together scholars from sociology, political science, and history to discuss social science research on religious topics. Also, a dual-PhD is offered in Sociology and Peace Studies through the Kroc Institute.

How and when do I apply for the Notre Dame Sociology graduate program?

Applications for the Sociology graduate program at the University of Notre Dame are typically accepted in late December/early January. The Sociology website also has information for prospective students. Please consult the Graduate School for more details.  

If you are particularly interested in sociology of religion and work being done here in the Center, be sure to mention these interests in your cover letter and application to the program.

What are the opportunities to work with Center faculty?

Opportunities to work with Center faculty are many. The array of interests and grant awards of affiliated Center faculty make the Center a great place to work with multiple professors over the course of your training. Click for an overview of the some of the different projects of Center faculty.

Where do I find information about the comprehensive exam in Sociology of Religion?

Click to view a list of topics and readings associated with the comprehensive exam in the Sociology of Religion or general information on comprehensive exams in the Sociology department.